Anatomic and Digital Pathology From Clinical Lab Products

| September 10, 2013

Clinical Lab Products has an interesting read with contributions from a number of folks in a piece well-written by Karen Appold who is as familiar with digital pathology as anyone with the issues concerning the marketplace having covered this for a number of years for laboratory publications.

Ms. Appold writes: “Advances in anatomic and digital pathology are enabling medical professionals to make more accurate diagnoses than ever before. This is possible, in part, because new trends in anatomic pathology allow for more collaborative and consultative care. “Having the capability to share images is a better way to educate others and make a diagnosis,” says Oleg E. Bess, MD, founder and CEO, 4medica, Culver City, Calif.”

Read the entire story here for more information on thoughts concerning devices, teleconsultation, networks, reporting and other advances in digital pathology.

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