A day at the VA during the shutdown

| October 10, 2013

Great post on KevinMD by Dr. Megan S. Lemay who is an internal medicine resident in light of current government issues.

“Thank God you’re still here, Doc! It looks like they already laid off half the pharmacy department! The line is out the door!”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Golati! It’s just a regular day at the VA!” I replied.

October 1st at the VA Hospital was like every other day in most ways. It was still hard to find a parking space in the far-too-small lot. The hallways still bustled with white coats, smiling vets, and the smell of just-smoked cigarettes. Veterans Affairs hospitals continue to be fully funded, despite the shutdown of the federal government. Still, the veterans appear to have picked up on subtle changes (and the threat of more change), and things are a bit different.

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