Digital Pathology Improves TAT

| October 14, 2013

Digital Pathology is helping reduce wait times from biopsy to diagnosis and treatment. Instead of shipping glass slides to experts around the province, with digital pathology one of our specialized experts can look at the images no matter where they are in the province, country or the world. Together, expert pathologists can look at difficult cases and discuss in real time so that the first result is the right one. Learn more about digital pathology at

Lakeridge Health in Oshawa is stepping up efforts to reduce biopsy result wait times by introducing a new technology into its diagnosis arsenal. The Durham Region health centre has begun using digital pathology as a way to speed up biopsy results for patients which have thus far resulted in drastic improvements. Health officials say wait times have dropped from about four to six weeks to about four to six days.

Instead of shipping a slide across the province which could take weeks, the information is digitally uploaded into the University Health Network system where more than 60 pathologists have access to the results. A specialist who may be out of the country can now have access to the information simply by connecting to the internet on his or her laptop.

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