PathXL Launches TissueMark®

| October 24, 2013

TissueMark® is a ground-breaking, easy to use solution for the automated identification of tumor tissue on standard H&E stained digital slides.

TissueMark® combines sophisticated algorithm technology with a straightforward, no nonsense workflow, supporting the pathologist with accurate and highly consistent tumor information and assisting the diagnostic process through optimization of tumor content and purity.

TissueMark – Key Features


  • Streamlines macrodissection for molecular analysis and biomarker discovery through image analysis
  • Saves pathologists time by providing automated and highly accurate tumor boundary annotations
  • Contributes to sample purity through consistent % tumor calculations
  • Pathologists can operate remotely from any location
  • View images and annotations at any resolution
  • All data securely archived for later review


PathXL – TissueMark from Christopher Heaney on Vimeo.

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