Google Glass: a Game Changer?

| November 6, 2013

 Courtesy MDNews By Michael Ferguson (October 31, 2013) Future of Health Care | Medical Devices | Technology

With potential utility across every facet of health care, Google Glass may be the next transformative technological innovation to sweep the medical profession.

When Kyle Samani, founder and CEO of Pristine, first heard about the Google product, the then-electronic health record (EHR) designer immediately saw the possibilities.

“My eyes lit up when I saw it because I knew it would change the way people practice medicine,” Samani recalls. “This is going to be such a pivotal device, and I knew I wanted to be involved with it the moment I saw it.”

When Google requested consumer and professional application developers to test its beta product, Samani rushed to apply and was eventually selected. Since receiving his pair of Glass, Samani enlisted Pristine co-founder Patrick Kolencherry and a team of six advisors, including four physicians and two business consultants. Pristine’s mission: to develop a full suite of surgical applications for Google Glass spanning the entire operative workflow — from pre- to post-op — predicated on enhancing patient safety and workflow efficiency.

Changing the Face of Surgery

Do you remember the first time you peered into an incision and found it didn’t look exactly like it did in the textbooks? Remember the first time you encountered a situation that exceeded your level of expertise?

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