Study at Canadian Hospital Measures Diagnostic Accuracy of ViewsIQ’s Digital Pathology Slide Imaging System

| December 10, 2013

ViewsIQ, a healthcare technology company that develops digital pathology solutions, is pleased to announce the successful evaluation of its slide imaging technology in a recent clinical concordance study. The objective of this study, conducted at Vancouver General Hospital’s Department of Hematology, was to compare the equivalence of diagnosing cases using ViewsIQ’s Panoptiq digital imaging system versus that of a traditional light microscope.

The study utilized Panoptiq’s Live Scanning feature, which enables pathologists to view slides digitally in real-time, for use in such applications as telepathology. This is in contrast to current convention, requiring the shipment of slides to an off-site pathologist.

Upon pathology review, Panoptiq was found to produce statistically equivalent diagnostic accuracy to that of light microscopy, resulting in strong concordance of 0.92 to 1.0 across several modalities. This was achieved through the pioneering feature of real-time focus optimization during slide scanning. “We are pleased that Panoptiq replicated precise and clear images of these cases such that diagnostic accuracy between modalities was found to be statistically equivalent,” commented Herman Lo, President and CEO of ViewsIQ. “These results support the utility of Panoptiq in this hematological setting as a reliable alternative to conventional methods,” he added.

An oral presentation of this study was presented at Labcon earlier this year. The manuscript capturing the full study is currently in draft.  Refer to the link below for a data summary of the presentation.

 Labcon 2013 Presentation Data Summary:

About ViewsIQ

ViewsIQ is a Canadian healthcare technology company that develops microscopy imaging solutions for academic institutions and clinical laboratories. The company’s recent innovation, Panoptiq™, is a digital pathology slide imaging system. Due to its software-based platform, Panoptiq integrates into a user’s existing microscopy workflow for real-time slide digitization. To replicate the clearest image possible, Panoptiq enables the user to optimize the focus with their microscope. The software automatically sharpens out-of-focus areas within the panoramic image to achieve the best results. Panoptiq™ is an ideal microscopy communication tool for pathology education, tumor boards, and consultations in remote and group settings.

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