Immune-Cancer Interactions in Tumor-Draining Lymph Nodes: Novel Prognostic and Mechanistic Insights for Breast Cancer

| January 28, 2014


In our recent webinar, Peter P. Lee, MD, City of Hope Cancer Center, described his group’s novel approach in providing an objective assessment of immune alterations within tumors and tumor-draining lymph nodes (TDLNs).

speakerWhether TDLNs are invaded by cancer cells is a key prognostic indicator for patients with breast and other cancers. Lymph nodes are immune organs and TDLNs are key sites of tumor-immune interactions. Dr. Lee’s group have shown that TDLNs may be immunologically altered and demonstrated the clinical significance of T cell and dendritic cell (DC) decreases in predicting relapse in breast cancer.

In this webinar, Dr. Lee discussed how, to move beyond numerical changes to address spatial re-organization of cells, his group has developed a quantitative image analysis approach that incorporates:

  • Multi-color tissue staining
  • High-resolution, automated whole-section imaging
  • Image analysis algorithms that utilize machine-learning to identify cell types and locations
  • TDLN samples

If you were unable to attend the live webinar, or if you would like to view it again, it is now available for playback online.

View the webinar on demand

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