Visiopharm Webinar: Virtual Double Staining for Beginners – February 12th

| February 2, 2014

Ki67-VDSVirtual Double Staining for Beginners

Date: February 12, 2014

Time: 7 AM PST / 10 AM EST / 4 PM CET

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Virtual Double Staining (VDS) is a novel and patent protected method for robust and automatic detection of tumor cells.  As presented in Visiopharm’s last webinar, “An Extreme Makeover for Histopathology,” Virtual Double Staining overcomes the challenges pathologists face with both pattern recognition and physical double staining.  In addition, VDS can be deployed with no disruption to the diagnostic clinical workflow, since tumor cell detection can be automated, reducing inter- and intra reader variability.

VDS for breast cancer applications was developed and validated in close collaboration with the NordiQC for multiple staining and whole slide scanning platforms.  The NordiQC has demonstrated that inter and intra reader variability can be significantly reduced through a robust method for tumor cell identification and using image analysis for quantification of biomarker expression.  Professor Mogens Vyberg MD, the Director and founder of the NordiQC, presented a related webinar titled “Virtual Double Staining for Automated Quantification of Immunohistochemistry.”

This webinar will provide a brief review of how clinical use of digital pathology is emerging throughout Europe and highlight some of the present challenges pathologists face.  Then a technical software demonstration of our Virtual Double Staining method will be presented. The software demonstration will highlight the use of VDS and guide attendees through our streamlined workflow which includes our TissueAlign™ module for automatic registration of tissue sections to a cellular level.

Webinar Objectives:

  • A brief overview of the present challenges pathologists face with clinical use of digital pathology
  • Demonstrate practical use of Visiopharm’s Virtual Double Staining Method for tumor cell identification
  • Demonstrate Visiopharm’s integrated, streamlined quantitative workflow with TissueAlign™

About Our Speaker

ebstrupThomas Ebstrup

Senior Software Developer, Visiopharm

Thomas Ebstrup is Senior Software Developer at Visiopharm.  He has a bachelor in Electronic Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark with a specialization in applied Image Analysis.


Thomas joined Visiopharm 12 years ago, and has since then been working with,

  • Customized software and hardware solutions
  • Software design and implementation
  • Image analysis algorithm development
  • Agile Project management

Thomas is currently the Agile Team Leader of the Visiopharm software development team, who has been working with the design and implementation of the Virtual Double Staining methods and the TissueAligntm Module.

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