Check out Sakura’s VisionTek Live Digital Microscope

| February 6, 2014

SakuraOur laboratory has been fortunate to have the opportunity to try out Sakura’s VisionTek live digital microscope for the intended use of remote frozen sections, immediate FNA evaluations and internal consults for case sharing.

Set up was fast and simple and portable with one successful move without fail within in the laboratory. The complete package included a Windows 7 PC with 24″ monitor, more than adequate for image review.  The four slide tray loads conveniently and easily with slide overviews available in seconds to select and review at higher power (up to 40x) with a digital multiplier.  A look under the hood was not feasible with  the unit, and while it takes up some space on the desk, it is quiet and efficient.

Image sharing through a TeamViewer screenshare app over public WiFi as well as dedicated network was achieved with a quick freeware install on the desktop and password authentication on mobile devices.  Live remote review of images was obtained with responsive stage movements and some autofocusing issues, likely dependent upon bandwidth speeds but otherwise presented images of diagnostic quality. Multiple users reviewed a bone marrow case during one demonstration consisting of peripheral smear, aspirate, bone marrow core biopsy and iron stain with a single 4-slide load and were confident with images presented at 40x.

Software was not present on the system we demonstrated for archiving whole slide images.  Export functions, I am told, will be forthcoming shortly in multiple image formats.

If you are looking for real-time, bright-field, remote viewing of microscope slides with an easy to set up, portable system consider reviewing this system for yourself and assessing the image quality and ease of use.  This is a must see for real-time applications with point-to-point case sharing when remote frozen sections, immediate FNA assessments, tumor boards, conferences or peer reviews are needed.

A full product brochure is available  Sakura VisionTek (PDF here).


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