Upcoming Webinar – The Immunoscore and Immunoprofile: Assessing Anti-Cancer Immunity as a Biomarker to Stratify Patients for Clinical Trials

| May 5, 2014

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Dr. Bernard Fox, Endowed Chair and Chief, Laboratory of Molecular and Tumor Immunology Providence Cancer Center

Dr. Carlo Bifulco, Director of Molecular Pathology and Pathology Informatics Providence Regional Laboratory

Broadcast #1:

Thursday, May 29, 2014

10am PDT (NA) / 1pm EDT (NA) / 6pm BST (UK) / 7pm CEST (EU-Central)                        

Broadcast #2:

Monday, June 2, 2014

8am EDT (NA) / 1pm BST (UK) / 2pm CEST (EU-Central)

There is a significant need for innovative prognostic and predictive biomarkers of recurrence, response to therapy, and survival for patients with cancer. Increasing evidence suggests that the number, type, and location of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in primary tumors have prognostic value, and this has led to the development of an “immunoscore”. The immunoscore concept also has the potential to help predict response to treatment, thereby improving decision making with regard to choice of therapy.

This predictive aspect of the tumor microenvironment forms the basis for the concept of immunoprofiling, which can be described as using an individual’ s immune system signature (or profile) to predict that patient’ s response to standard therapies, novel immunotherapies, and to stratify patients enrolled in clinical trials. However, biomarkers that can be used as predictive factors for these treatments have not yet been clinically validated.

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