PathXL Webinar: Unlocking Molecular Discovery with Next Generation Tumor Analysis

| May 14, 2014

PathXL Webinars

Date: Thursday May 15th
Time: 4:00 pm GMT (UK) | 11:00 am EST

PathXL’s proprietary tumor detection software, TissueMark®, has been evolving rapidly since its launch in November 2013 and we are glad to announce a range of new and enhanced features to this ground-breaking application.

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In this live webinar session you will learn how TissueMark® has developed since its first release. New and improved features include:

  • A new algorithm for identifying breast cancer tumor – this will be closely followed by prostate, due for release in late June.
  • Increased resolution and magnification across existing algorithms (lung, colorectal and breast) – this now enables the software to identify even smaller regions of tumor than before, define tumor boundaries even more sharply and allow us to develop a number of complementary applications to further increase TissueMark®’s functionality.
  • Enhanced heatmaps working at deeper levels present the pathologist with much more detailed information on key areas – e.g. tumor vs non-tumor regions, areas with particularly high (or low) concentration of tumor, more accurate tumor percentage calculations etc.
  • Improved workflow and macro-dissection guides enable laboratory scientists to perform their macro-dissection with accuracy and speed.

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