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| June 20, 2014

Clinical Validation Test for CISH
Applied Spectral Imaging is recruiting a pathology lab to participate in a clinical validation study for HER2 CISH testing.
The objective of this study is to evaluate the success of ASI’s GenASIs HiPath system to analyze breast tissue slides and measure the HER2 amplification degree on specimens stained with Ventana’s Inform HER2 Dual CISH assay. The study will focus on counting the black (HER2 gene) and red (Cep 17) signals, and detect the ratio between them as an indicator for the degree of HER2 amplification in the sample. The automatic detection and classification (GenASIs HiPath results) will be compared to the manual scoring of the same slides by the pathologist.
The study will work with previously stained slides, and is not dependent on any new case work.
For more information on the study, requirements and compensation, please contact ASI.

About Applied Spectral Imaging

Applied Spectral Imaging develops “Region of Interest” digital pathology solutions. Our GenASIs HiPath system integrates with a microscope, and performs quantitative analysis of chosen frames.

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