The CAP electronic Cancer Checklist (eCC) has been voice-enabled by Voicebrook!

| July 16, 2014

Voicebrook Releases New VoiceOver® Structured Results Entry Module, Powered by Dragon Medical 360 Speech Recognition Technology

Lake Success, NY – Voicebrook, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its latest VoiceOver® module providing Structured Results Entry (SRE) for cancer reporting. VoiceOver® SRE, which is now available, helps pathologists comply with the College of American Pathologists’ (CAP) reporting guidelines.

“In the past, pathologists have had to manually navigate CAP electronic Cancer Checklists (eCC) in order to comply with pathology reporting of primary cancer cases. With our new solution, Voicebrook has created a module fully supported by speech recognition; we import the CAP eCC files and make them available to our customers through a user-friendly and efficient front-end interface. This exciting new offering has been built upon our VoiceOver® solution, which integrates Dragon® Medical 360 speech recognition technology from Nuance Communications,” says Tami Abell, Voicebrook’s Director of Product Management.

“We have partnered with Voicebrook for more than 12 years and recognize them as leaders in speech enabled Pathology reporting,” says Keith Belton, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Nuance Communications. He continues, “Combining the power of Nuance’s Dragon® Medical speech recognition with the latest release of VoiceOver® (Structured Results Entry), Voicebrook once again proves itself to be a leader and innovator in managing the unique reporting needs of the Pathology laboratory.”

The voice-optimized interface of Voicebrook’s new structured resulting module allows pathologists to extend speech recognition benefits from navigating the AP/LIS system and entering narrative text to voice-driven interaction with structured result entry for CAP-compliant reporting. The module includes CAP eCC content (CAP user license required) provided to VoiceOver® from CAP. Voicebrook will deliver updates to the client when changes are issued by CAP.  In addition, the Structured Results Entry module features a data validation process, which helps ensure that the pathologist has answered all the required questions with acceptable answers before completing the report. Pathologists also have the freedom to insert narrative text to further elaborate on the structured answers providing additional information about the patient’s diagnosis.

E. Bruce Sopko, Vice President of Sales for Voicebrook, says, “We are proud to be an authorized CAP vendor as well as an integrator of Dragon Medical speech recognition solutions. With these designations, we are in a unique position to help our customers stay current with new CAP releases as well as improve day-to-day reporting workflows.”

VoiceOver® customers receive ongoing maintenance and support from Voicebrook, including workflow design and support for the AP/LIS system, creation of voice commands to enable hands-free reporting, and new releases of CAP content for structured reporting module users. For more information, visit

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