FREE SPECIAL EDITION WHITE PAPER Optimizing Your Laboratory Information Management System’s Ability to Deliver Clinical Laboratory Results: How to Save Time and Increase Profitability by Using Modular Technology to Improve Access Features, Automate Reporting & Expand Efficiencies Read more: LIMS: Delivering secure patient-friendly access

| July 24, 2014

Optimizing-your-laboratory-cover-ds221The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper regarding the optimization of your Laboratory Information System’s (LIMS) ability to deliver clinical laboratory results, and how using modular technology can improve access features, automate reporting, and expand efficiencies. This paper covers:

  • Changes in health policy that require healthcare institutions and laboratories to provide test results directly to the patient
  • Discussion of Clinical Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and the optimization of their use
  • Issues associated with laboratory report access and the development of laboratory web portals for patients
  • A case study of a clinical diagnostic laboratory that developed a successful patient portal with the help of Lab Portal Company

Background: In February 2014 the Department of Health and Human Services issued an amendment to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 that significantly increases patient access to patient health information and clinical test results. The Final Rule gives patients or their authorized representative the right to access test reports directly from a laboratory without first receiving authorization from a healthcare provider. Patients can still receive test reports from their doctors if they choose, but now they have the option of obtaining results directly from the laboratory.

Although there are numerous LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) available, these systems are often designed for the largest laboratories. Small- to mid-sized clinical laboratories often develop their own “home-grown” LIMS or invest in smaller systems, but those may not be easily adapted to enabling access to laboratory test records by patients and other healthcare stakeholders that require efficient and secure access to that information.

Free White Paper

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Clinical Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
and Access to Laboratory Test Results

Chapter 2:
Current Regulatory Challenges Facing Medical Laboratories
when Managing Health Information

Chapter 3:
Lab Report Access Issues

Chapter 4:
Case Study: Physicians Lab, Boca Raton, Florida

To better understand the challenges associated with LIMS and other modular technology that will allow patients a user-friendly, yet secure way to access their healthcare data, and to learn more about potential solutions to these challenges, download your FREE copy of “Optimizing Your Laboratory Information Management System’s Ability to Deliver Clinical Laboratory Results.”

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