Digital Pathology Insights: Imaging Technologies, Expert Perspectives, Standardization, and Current Outlooks Overview

| July 30, 2014
New to Insight Pharma Reports is Digital Pathology Insights:  Imaging Technologies, Expert Perspectives, Standardization, and Current Outlooks. This report delves into the rapidly evolving field of digital pathology, briefly reviewing the underlying scientific and technological concepts and providing an insightful perspective on various factors thought to be of significance to the development and future of this space.

Broken into several sections, the beginning of this report provides an overview of digital pathology including:
•         Terminology and definitions
•         Types of digital imaging systems (including whole slide scanners)
•         Technical underpinnings
•         Current and emerging applications

A brief overview of the digital pathology market will cover identified drivers and obstacles as well as current forecasts. The FDA and several standards organizations are profiled with regard to activities that may impact the furtherance of this field.  Included in this section is an exclusive interview with Craig Revie, Chair of the International Color Consortium’s Medical Imaging Working Group and project coordinator for the development of a calibration system for digital microscopes.

Companies featured in this report include:
•         3DHISTECH
•         Applied Spectral Imaging
•         Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
•         DigiPath Corp
•         FFEI Ltd.
•         Huron Technologies
•         Nikon Instruments
•         PerkinElmer
•         Philips Digital Pathology Solutions

These companies have provided valuable insights as to the evolution of digital pathology within their businesses, the details of their current imaging systems, strategies, and techniques, as well as their individual perspectives on the establishment of standards in digital pathology, the challenges the field may face and the benefits that await as a digital environment becomes commonplace in pathology. Interviews with the expert company representatives are also included.

Finally, the report concludes with a unique look at the current climate of the digital pathology space based on a survey conducted by Insight Pharma Reports which polled a group of individuals identified as end users or developers of digital pathology technologies. An in depth analysis of these results compares the perspectives of both demographics on several important topics revealing areas of commonality and also divergence. Topics include areas most in need of improvement and the challenges and benefits associated with the use and development of digital pathology technologies.

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