Upcoming Definiens Webinar – Tissue Phenomics™: From Biomarker Discovery to Clinical Diagnostic Assay Commercialization

| September 7, 2014






Dr. Thomas Nifong, Executive Vice President, Diagnostic Tests, Definiens


Broadcast #1:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

8am EDT (NA) / 1pm BST (UK) / 2pm CEST (EU-Central)

Broadcast #2:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10am PDT (NA) / 1pm EDT (NA)

Tissue Phenomics™ is the big data approach to biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostic assay development in oncology. Through the utilization of the revolutionary Cognition Network Technology®, invented by Nobel Laureate and Definiens founder, Dr. Gerd Binnig, Tissue Phenomics™ enables the datafication of tissue images for robust data mining and correlation of tissue structures and cells with genomic data and patient demographics. The end result is:

  • The discovery, development, and validation of better biomarkers for companion diagnostics in cancer
  • The design and implementation of smaller, more conclusive clinical trials that demonstrate medical value of cancer treatments
  • The improvement of sample selection for molecular diagnostic tests for greater test sensitivity

In this webinar, Dr. Thomas Nifong, Executive Vice President of Diagnostic Tests at Definiens, will be providing an overview of Tissue Phenomics™ and how the platform supports improved biomarker discovery on through to clinical diagnostic assay commercialization. He will then spend time walking through real-world examples that demonstrate the impact of Tissue Phenomics™ in discovery, clinical trials, and clinical diagnostics development and commercialization.




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