Orchard Software Offers Increasing Clinical Effectiveness Initiative

| September 23, 2014


Increasing Clinical Effectiveness

Orchard Software would like to make you aware of the Increasing Clinical Effectiveness (ICE) Initiative.

The ICE Initiative is a collaborative effort from CLMA, Orchard Software, and The Dark Group to shine a light on the positive impact laboratories have on patient outcomes. Participation in ICE requires the submission of abstracts that describe improved patient outcomes associated with testing-related interventions.

To learn more about the ICE Initiative and how to submit your abstract, please watch this informative webinar.


  • Submissions must report at least one relevant patient outcome, such as decreased length of stay, reduction in antibiotic use, decreased time to diagnosis, decrease in adverse events, etc.; and also should report any other patient outcome that would be likely impacted by the intervention.
  • Submissions may report economic outcomes, but only from an overall organization perspective. A reduction in only the lab budget is not sufficient. If the main benefit of the intervention is economic, at least a neutral impact on relevant clinical outcomes must be demonstrated.
  • The intervention may be directed toward any portion of the total testing process: from when the provider considers ordering a laboratory test to when the ordering provider receives and acts upon the test result.

Winners Present Findings at EWC and KnowledgeLab 2015

All abstracts that meet submission criteria will be invited to create a poster for display at KnowledgeLab (attendance is required). submitters of the best abstracts (up to three) will be invited to present their findings orally at a general session of the 20th anniversary of  CLMA’s 2015 KnowledgeLab (KL15) in Orlando, Florida, March 29 – April 1, 2015 and the Executive War College (EWC) in New Orleans, Louisiana, May 5 – 6, 2015. Travel and hotel expenses will be awarded to the oral presenters.

For more information on the ICE Initiative, visit http://www.clma.org/ice.

Source: Orchard Software

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