Exploring New Methods & Imaging Technologies for Cancer Immunotherapy

| October 13, 2014

Exploring New Methods & Imaging Technologies for Cancer Immunotherapy
Research Pathology Imaging User Group Meeting

October 22-23, 2014
Erasmus University Medical Centre
Bldg Ae, Rm 406
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Reserve your seat at the Research Pathology Imaging and In vivo User Group Meeting. The meeting takes place at Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam where you will have the chance to interact with pioneers within the imaging community and discuss the latest advances in our field. The annual Imaging User Group meetings in the past years brought together hundreds of speakers, participants and press, offering first insights to new imaging applications and technologies in an interactive setting.

PerkinElmer will showcase new research pathology solutions for cancer immunology and cancer immunotherapy. Our systems and solutions can help analyze complex relationships among tumor and immune cells in the tumor micro-environment and deliver per-cell quantitative protein expression from up to 8 markers, giving data similar to that obtained from flow cytometry, but from FFPE tissue sections. See how this multimarker staining, imaging and analysis methodology can be used to better understand the role of multiple types of immune cells in and around the tumor and improve our understanding of new cancer immunotherapy treatments.

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