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| October 21, 2014

Visualize, Quantify, Analyze and Phenotype Immune Cells In Situ

Cancer-Immunology-BannerWith PerkinElmer’s cancer immunology research solution, you can simultaneously investigate the spatial relationships between multiple types of immune and other cells  within and around solid tumors in situ in FFPE tissue.The resulting data can lead to a better understanding of the complex interaction between immune cells and a tumor and its microenvironment.

Immune cells play an important role in solid tumors, and quantifying various sub-populations of cells in and around the tumor can provide better data to support research into potential subpopulation stratification methodologies, PerkinElmer offers a complete in situ solution.



Opal™ Multiplex Staining

Multiplex Biomarker Imaging Systems

inForm® Advanced Image Analysis Software

Visit PerkinElmer’s booth at the following conferences to learn more about our solution for cancer immunology & immunotherapy research or visit our
website for more information.

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) • Booth #216 • Nov 6-9 • National Harbor, MD
Symposium on Mol Targets & Cancer Therapeutics • Nov 18-21 • Barcelona, Spain

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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