PathXL Announces Automated Tumor Cell Counting on Digital H&E Slides

| December 3, 2014

PathXL today announced it will unveil a significant upgrade to its award-winning product, TissueMark®, which will now include a powerful add-on for cell counting. The formal announcement will take place at the forthcoming Global Engage Digital Pathology Congress, to be held in London on Dec 4th and 5th, where PathXL’s founder and VP for R&D, Professor Peter Hamilton, will be giving a detailed presentation.

The tumor cell counting capability is powered by PathXL’s Tissue Recognition Engine™ and is an extension to PathXL’s current TissueMark range, designed for the rapid and automated detection and analysis of tumor tissue on digitised, H&E stained tissue samples. The software now provides the pathologist with three separate automated methods to count % tumor nuclei on digital slides. As with all of PathXL’s products, the new TissueMark application has been carefully validated against known standards and results show strong concordance with time-consuming manual counts of tumor nuclei in lung, colorectal and breast whole tissue sections.

“Automated tumor cell counting is one of the most sought after applications in the field of digital imaging,” said Des Speed, CEO of PathXL. “I’m proud of the work our team have done here in bringing together several different approaches to crack this problem. The new TissueMark product will prove hugely valuable to those labs that need to feed accurate tumor content information into the molecular pathology process and for those wishing to establish strong quality and audit trails”

Jonathon Tunstall, Director of product Strategy, added “we are continually looking at ways to extend the capability of the TissueMark product line whilst ensuring that we can make a real difference to lab workload by automating some of the more tedious and time-consuming manual processes. Digital pathology is a powerful technology with huge potential benefits but only if applied correctly within a friendly user environment. We’ve worked hard on the TissueMark user experience and I feel we’ve developed an important application here which will provide the pathology lab with really valuable time and cost savings.”

PathXL’s Vice President of R&D, Professor Peter Hamilton, will present the new version of TissueMark and provide further details on the separate % tumor assessment methods during the DPC meeting. The presentation will take place in the County Hall Suite, 11.45 am, on December 5.

About PathXL Ltd

PathXL is a global pioneer in the use of web-based solutions for digital pathology and provides innovative software for use in research, clinical and education sectors worldwide. The company focuses specifically on the oncology sector aiming to provide expertise and excellence in tumor analysis. PathXL’s award winning product range, TissueMark® assists the Pathologist with an automated analysis of tumor boundary and % tumor content across a range of tumor types, greatly reducing errors due to the natural variability in human assessment.

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