Glencoe Software Raises $800K

| February 16, 2015

Glencoe Software CEO Jason Swedlow

Seattle-based scientific imaging startup Glencoe Software today announced a $800,000 seed investment round led by TIE Angels Group Seattle.

Glencoe Software is a 10-year-old company that helps researchers in the biopharma and publishing sectors manage and analyze large amounts of image datasets, where every pixel is a quantitative measurement.

The 13-person startup sells its data access tools to thousands of institutions worldwide and has the exclusive license to commercialize open source technology from a bioscience image data management platform called OpenMicroscopy.


Glencoe Software CEO Jason Swedlow, who runs the company from the United Kingdom, said that today’s seed investment marks the company’s first funding round and will be used to target new opportunities in the digital pathology market.

“We’ll use the new funding to drive our commercial efforts in this sector,” he said.

Swedlow said his company’s products differentiate from the competition because they are “based on proven, scaleable open source technology.” Glencoe Software also places an emphasis on being able to adapt its software to different datasets.

“Our business focus is on integration — taking the capabilities and interfaces we’ve built into OMERO and Bio-Formats, and matching them to the data types, systems and protocols our customers are using,” Swedlow said. “This approach can scale because we have so much experience and so many of the tools we need already built.”

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