The Journey of Quantitative Digital Pathology: From Images to Knowledge

| February 18, 2015


The scanning of slides into whole slide images (WSI) is the just the first step on the journey of quantitative digital pathology; a journey in which hypotheses can be tested, derived and ultimately deliver both qualitative and quantitative knowledge about a variety of diseases.

The ability to process and analyze tissue that has been labeled for specific biomarkers provides researchers with the insight necessary to understand a variety of diseases including diabetes, autoimmune diseases and cancer. In addition, diagnostic and prognostic assessments can be made via quantitative image analysis that would otherwise be difficult and subjected to human error from intra and inter reader variability. Given the wide range of diseases, the scientific hypotheses that currently exist, and the questions that have not yet been thought of, researchers need to be equipped with extremely powerful image analysis software that can grow and scale with their science.

Author Your Own Algorithms

A key component of this growth is the ability for individual researchers to author their own image analysis algorithms, customized to a variety of applications, and highly tailored to their science. Visiopharm’s image analysis software includes an extensive suite of tools for image processing and analysis where researchers can build their own algorithms (APPs), in an intuitive GUI, with no programming experience required. In addition, The APP Center provides an opportunity for Visiopharm customers to purchase pre-written APPs that can then be tailored to their research.

Join Visiopharm for a webinar titled, Turning Images Into Knowledge on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 8 AM PST/ 11 AM EST/ 5 PM CET. The webinar will highlight the strength and flexibility of Visiopharm’s software solutions to handle a variety of image analysis applications in an accurate, robust way. Novel APPs can be developed in minutes with quantitative results following immediately after. Visopharm’s APP authoring tools is a scientist’s key to success and will help uncover the answers to even the most challenging questions of quantitative digital pathology.


About our Speaker

Ben Freiberg, PhD is the Director of Sales for the Americas at Visiopharm. He earned his doctorate in immunology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, focusing on T cell biology. He co-founded Intelligent Imaging Innovations functioning as the lead sales, marketing and strategic business partner. Dr. Freiberg, followed up by building the Lumencor brand of light engines on a global basis and managing the international team of Lumencor sales staff as well as resellers on a global basis. With his experience in software and hardware development for biology, oncology, immunology and cell biology, he serves Visiopharm’s  customers and markets from a deep appreciation of biology and experimental design.

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