ViewsIQ White Paper on Digital Pathology Implementation – the “why”, the “how”, and a new digital pathology system designed for simpler workflow integration

| April 5, 2015

ViewsIQ4-5-15The growing healthcare needs in North America have created a number of challenges for modern pathology practices such as limited capacity for slide storage, reduced access to specialist expertise, and increased workload and budget constraints. In order for healthcare providers to address these issues, workflow efficiency and labour distribution must be improved across the industry. Digital pathology is a powerful tool that helps achieve these objectives by allowing for significant cost savings and improved quality of care. ViewsIQ has worked closely with institutions across North America to gather the keys learnings to successfully implementing digital pathology. This paper shares those insights and how ViewsIQ’s Panoptiq™ imaging system was designed for integration.

Click on the image or the link below to read this white paper to find out how Panoptiq™ addresses these technological barriers to enhance modern cytology workflows.

About ViewsIQ

ViewsIQ is an imaging software company that develops microscopy imaging solutions for academic institutions, hospitals, and research laboratories. It is our vision to propel the medical industry forward towards a future of true digital interactivity. With the company’s innovation, Panoptiq™, we aim to share this vision towards modernizing educational and clinical practices for medical and scientific professionals around the world.

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