Visiopharm Unveils a Whole New Look

| May 4, 2015

visiopharm4may15-1Visiopharm releases today an updated, easier to navigate website and rebranding of our popular software solutions. The website introduces three main product sections – BIOtopix™, STEREOtopix™, and the new cancer focused ONCOtopix™.

Over the past few years, Visiopharm has seen tremendous business growth with high demands for quantitative digital pathology in cancer research. In addition, we recently launched ONCOtopix™ Dx—our powerful solution for Cancer Diagnostics. Therefore, it was important for our visitors to be able to clearly identify with what products were meaningful and relevant to them. ONCOtopix™ unlock’s the potential of digital pathology for cancer diagnostics, research, and drug development. Customers will improve productivity and quality by generating verifiable, reproducible, high quality analytical results in less time.

BIOtopix™ is based on Visiopharm’s proven image analysis technology that is known for generating trustworthy, reproducible and accurate quantitative data both fast and efficiently.  BIOtopix™ is infinitely configurable, and designed for meeting the challenges of life science research where questions often emerge, change, and evolve over time. BIOtopix™ also features Visiopharm’s patented TISSUEalign™.   TISSUEalign™ provides automated, high precision alignment of an unlimited amount of serial whole tissue or TMA sections, down to a cellular level. It is an ideal tool for advanced co-localization studies. It reduces non-specific antibody cross-staining, and enables the investigation of relationships between different structures and biomarkers.

visiopharm4may15-2STEREOtopix supports our well-known, established stereology solutions; powered by the industry leading newCAST software. newCAST™ provides unbiased stereological estimates of numbers, lengths, areas, and volumes on images captured on microscopes or virtual slides. newCAST™ was developed in close collaboration with world-leaders in the field and is the most comprehensive, robust, user friendly and versatile stereological system available today.

Come visit and explore the all new Visiopharm!

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