Aperio VERSA – Digital Pathology in Dynamic Research Environment

| May 14, 2015



Digital slides are now an integral part of most tissue based biomarker research projects. They provide the base for complex image analysis allowing projects to be driven by quantitative data rather than subjective observations. They also greatly improve the ease of collaboration through internet sharing and provide a readily accessible database of archived slides to facilitate group discussions.

Research groups have increasingly diverse requirements for imaging. Digital slides are no longer a specialist requirement for a project but a routine one.  Any imaging solution should be intuitive enough to allow new users to not only scan, but to configure imaging protocols for their slides in a matter in minutes. In this way imaging does not become a bottleneck, only used by experts but a simple step for the whole team.


The demand of any imaging platform is that image quality must be of highest optical standard allowing all the information to be viewed and extracted.   It should be open to different imaging modalities and not limited or restricted by objective choice.

The new Aperio VERSA provides superb image quality with the flexibility to scan in fluorescence or brightfield with the resolution and precision required for FISH studies. It also features a newly designed interface that allows scan protocols to be created with a few clicks.

Learning objectives

– Introduction to digital pathology

– Overview of the new Aperio VERSA capabilities

– Learn how to setup new capture protocols including multi focal & channel FISH

– Example application benefits (with images)


Rob Sykes has worked in the field of digital pathology for over 15 years and has presented at many academic and commercial conferences on the subject. During his commercial career he has held various product management jobs working with scientists and developers to improve digital slide capture, analysis and sharing.  He is currently Director of Marketing for clinical microscopy applications at Leica Biosystems.

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