Biomedical Education with the Modern Day Laboratorian in Mind

| August 12, 2015

Michigan State University has heeded the warning signs of the lack of continuing education as well as the staffing shortage of qualified professionals in today’s Diagnostic Laboratories and has recently rolled out an educational option that has the well-being of the modern day, budget conscious ‘laboratorian’ in mind.

Because knowledge is power!

The Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostic Program offered at Michigan State University is designed for anyone in the clinical laboratory field who wants to learn about mass spectrometry and utilize this technology in the clinical laboratory.

clinicalmassspecSchedule flexible, web-based and affordable education

Are you unfamiliar with what the words ‘mass spectrometry’ even mean? No problem!

No background knowledge in mass spectrometry is needed as we will cover the fundamentals and build on them throughout the program; however, we do recommend that participants have had a previous college course in Biochemistry.


Already have mass spectrometry experience? Perfect!

Those with some mass spectrometry experience will also benefit from these courses as we will cover mass spectrometry theory in detail and apply this knowledge to clinical based samples. As an added bonus to the course, we will also cover instrument maintenance and troubleshooting tips.

Great for reference laboratories looking for continuing education for their employees

Get a leg up on the competition and land your dream job

Education is job security

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BLD 870 – Clinical Mass Spectrometry Theory – 2 credits

This course covers mass spectrometry theory. Included are principles of instrumentation, liquid and gas chromatography theory and data analysis as it applies to the clinical laboratory.

BLD 871 – Applied Clinical Mass Spectrometry – 2 credits

This course will apply clinical mass spectrometry principles to sample preparation, platform selection, data analysis, standards, and quality control.


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