Voloom 2.5: Full-Resolution Whole Volume Export

| October 30, 2015

microDimensions recently released an update to Voloom, its world leading 3D histology software for the fast reconstruction of serial sections. microDimensions Voloom 2.5 now provides deformable full-resolution export of whole reconstructed volumes. This makes it easy to further process and analyze reconstructed volumes with other solutions in the same resolution as the original whole slide images. Full-resolution volumes can be stored as Bitplane Imaris .ims files, with more export formats to come in the future. Alignments can also be pre-computed up to the full resolution during the reconstruction process, so that subsequent visualization, analysis, and export is sped up significantly.

Moreover, version 2.5

  • is compatible with OpenGL 3.3 capable Intel graphics boards,
  • implements a new intelligent section ordering algorithm,
  • improves the MDV format and loading times for fully registered data sets, and
  • adds support for non-standard DPI settings and retina displays.

For more information please visit the Voloom product page micro-dimensions.com/voloom.

We sincerely invite you to register for one of our upcoming free webinars on volumetric histology in order to get an insight into the features and capabilities of Voloom. The next demo webinars are scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, 10 November 2015, 9am PST / 12pm EST / 18:00 CET
  • Thursday, 17 December 2015, 8am PST / 11am EST / 17:00 CET
  • Monday, 25 January 2016, 10:00 CET / 18:00 JST

Register now at micro-dimensions.com/webinars.

Meet us at the

Digital Pathology Congress, 3-4 December 2015, London, UK, booth #19.

To schedule an appointment, please send an e-mail with your preferred date and time to sales@micro-dimensions.com.

About microDimensions:

microDimensions develops and distributes software for microscopic image processing and analysis. Their solutions and services can be tailored to and seamlessly integrated into digital pathology workflows. microDimensions’ cutting-edge products Voloom®, Outspace™, and Zoom are the world’s fastest tools for convenient and accurate 3D histology reconstruction, stereology, and digital pathology viewing, respectively. They enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to accelerate early drug testing and allow research organizations to gain new insights into cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic infections, and other diseases.

Source: microDimensions


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