Philips Webinar Tomorrow: An Introduction to Digital Pathology, Impact and Challenges

| December 8, 2015

Philips Webinar

This live webinar is all about the way Philips sees the future of the pathology lab, as well as how we tackle any challenges together with our customers.

Sharing multiplies your knowledge.

This simple statement might look obvious. But is sometimes not that easy to implement. Especially with the complexity in pathology, your requirements to collaborate, extract more information from tissue and combine multiple data sources and systems are probably the most demanding in the industry.

During this session you will learn more about the impact and challenges this might have for your organization.

We can share with you our decades of experience in clinical digital transformation and help you make that next step to advance pathology. So that you will be able to build and share your valued knowledge amongst your clinical colleagues.

Date: 9 Dec 
Time: 18:00 (AST)

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Presenter: Dirk Verhagen, Product Manager at Philips Digital Pathology Solutions
Abstract: Digital Pathology might change today’s pathology labs. It holds the promise to improve consultation capabilities and workflow. Diagnostic changes made possible in the future by image analysis algorithms. It will also touch the production of slides, specialization, outreach and business models. There are certainly challenges that need to be overcome. Some of these challenges are system validation, IT infrastructure, integration, and ergonomics. Dirk Verhagen will show you how Philips can help you in your digital transformation journey.

Source: Philips Digital Pathology

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