New Dark Report Webinar January 13, 2016 —– Your Clinical Lab’s Opportunity to Capture $100-$500K in Wasted Spending: Proven Steps to Improve Inventory Management, Free Up Cash, and Increase Lab Performance

| December 30, 2015

Master simple secrets to converting inventory to cash that your lab can spend immediately; eliminate stock-outs and expired reagents while increasing lab and staff productivity!

Would a quick infusion of $100,000 to $500,000 in cash within 30 days of implementing a simple process improvement project make a big difference for your clinical laboratory or pathology group—particularly at a time when your parent hospital is cutting your lab’s budget?

Your Presenters:
Sharon Cox, MT(ASCP)SC
Core Laboratory Supervisor
Saint Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK

Rita D’Angelo, MS, ASQ, CQE, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
President and CEO
D’Angelo Advantage, Gibraltar, MI

Register for this exceptional webinar and learn how your lab can improve its inventory management and thereby:

  • Reduce costly inventory errors through the supply chain
  • Prevent stock outages—no more late night calls about an item being out of stock
  • Cut labor costs, including those of lab personnel and others
  • Reduce the amount of inventory held on hand
  • Clear inventory space for repurposing and more efficient use
  • Slash shipping costs, both overnight costs and overall costs
  • Increase the productivity of lab staff, freeing them for more meaningful work than inventory management
  • And many more time- and money-saving results!

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