Digital Pathology Solution Provider, Inspirata, Announces Interface to Address Interoperability Challenges in Cancer Center Pathology Departments 

| March 10, 2016

The lack of seamless communication between disparate diagnostic systems in U.S. cancer centers can slow down the workflow for pathologists, which can lead to delays in diagnosis. 


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Tampa, FL, March 10, 2016 – Cancer diagnostics and pathology workflow solution provider Inspirata, Inc., has developed an innovative interface that aggregates patient diagnostic information from disparate clinical systems and puts it at pathologists’ fingertips inside Inspirata’s Digital Pathology Cockpit, helping to solve key interoperability challenges. The single-sign-on cockpit is part of Inspirata’s end-to-end digital pathology workflow solution.

The interface uses an HL7-compliant Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that facilitates re-use of data between applications by reducing the number of export and import end points. The result is reliable integration with systems such as the Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Information System (AP-LIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Radiology (RAD), Grossing and Endoscopy (ENDO) Imaging Systems, as well as Molecular and -Omic Systems.

According to Inspirata CTO Suhas Gudihal, “When Inspirata’s ESB is placed between the various heterogeneous systems to provide information data exchange and monitoring, it will help to accelerate pathologists’ decision making by eliminating the cumbersome process of logging into separate diagnostic systems, which often use different technology stacks.”

“Essentially, a pathologist is like a detective,” explains Inspirata Executive Vice President and Founder, Mark Lloyd. “The more clues they can assemble about a patient’s diagnostic history, the more confident they can be in the diagnosis they make from the micro thin slices of tissue samples they are given to examine. Providing access to all the separate information systems in one place enables the pathologist to focus on diagnosing the patient’s cancer rather than searching for and retrieving information from disparate diagnostic systems.”

About Inspirata, Inc. 

Inspirata, Inc. provides a cancer diagnostics solution that digitizes and automates the entire pathology workflow using a unique, “solution as a service” delivery model. This comprehensive solution helps to solve interoperability issues, and includes workflow automation and diagnostic tools to help pathologists work more efficiently. Inspirata’s diagnostic tools include algorithms that extract relevant image-based information from digitized histology specimens for use as supplemental screening aids to assist pathologists with cancer detection and prediction of disease progression and therapeutic responses. For more information, please visit or contact

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