Inspirata’s Solution Leverages EMC Converged Infrastructure to Manage Petabytes of Pathology Image and Clinical Data 

| March 14, 2016

inspirata-logoAccelerating cancer diagnostics by automating the pathology workflow, employing image analysis for prescreening cases and providing access to a cancer information data trust as a reference tool only makes sense if data storage and retrieval are fast—very fast. 


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Tampa, FL, March 14, 2016 – Cancer diagnostics and pathology workflow solution provider Inspirata, Inc. is employing the VCE™ Vblock® System converged infrastructure to handle the enormous demands of anatomical pathology image and clinical data storage, retrieval, big data analytics and data security.

As part of its pathology workflow solution at cancer centers, Inspirata digitizes both retrospective and prospective glass histology slides and displays the high-resolution images in its Digital Pathology Cockpit where pathologists can comprehensively review and manage their cases. In addition to viewing and managing the images, pathologists can use Inspirata’s image analysis tools, which prescreen the images to detect cancerous regions, helping pathologists to work faster and make better informed decisions. This process requires petabytes of data storage and real-time, intelligence-driven data retrieval.

Converged infrastructure is the next-generation approach to IT infrastructure design. Rather than having silos of servers, storage and networking systems, which all have to be managed independently, converged infrastructure tightly integrates all of the computing, storage, networking and virtualization bundled in a dynamic pool of resources that reside a single system. This approach pairs easy scalability with management simplicity, allowing the integrated technologies to be managed as a single system through a common toolset.

“Using a Vblock System enables Inspirata’s digital pathology solution to support higher data and image storage capacities, more easily scale as customers’ needs increase, and can provide a faster, more automated and secure approach to archiving,” says David Dimond, CTO of Global Healthcare, EMC Corporation.

“Inspirata worked with VCE, the Converged Platforms Division of EMC, to transform our solution platform to a converged infrastructure,” says Inspirata CEO Satish Sanan. “The resulting solution features the next generation of computing, networking, storage and virtualization that will deliver higher levels of performance, elasticity and security with built-in redundancy. This single platform will enable us to help the institutions we work with to seamlessly implement a digital pathology workflow solution in less time and for less cost.”

The Vblock System enables Inspirata to linearly scale capacity and performance up to 20+ petabytes through a single file system. The key tenets for Inspirata’s converged infrastructure are:

  • Unparalleled levels of data availability and protection
  • No single point of failure
  • Fully distributed single file system
  • Industry-leading tolerance for multi-failure scenarios
  • Pro-active failure detection and pre-emptive, fast-drive rebuilds
  • Flexible, file-level data
  • Protection
  • Fully journaled file system
  • Transient availability and non-disruptive operation

“As Inspirata’s client institutions’ pathology image datasets continue to expand, always-in data becomes crucial,” says Inspirata CTO Suhas Gudihal. “Vblock Systems address this requirement with high-availability data protection and performance, offering at least 10x the performance of traditional architectures. The Vblock System converged infrastructure can retrieve saved files going back a year or more at sub-second speeds.”

Inspirata’s goal is to enable cancer institutions to meet the growing demand for cancer diagnostics services by transforming the pathology workflow with modern tools and technologies delivered via a unique “Solution-as-a-Service” business model. This model includes all of the hardware, software, data storage, services and resources as operating costs, which are then spread over the life of the engagement vs. requiring upfront capital investment by the institution.

About Inspirata, Inc. 

Inspirata, Inc. provides a cancer diagnostics solution that digitizes and automates the entire pathology workflow using a unique, “solution as a service” delivery model. This comprehensive solution helps to solve interoperability issues, and includes workflow automation and diagnostic tools to help pathologists work more efficiently. Inspirata’s diagnostic tools include algorithms that extract relevant image-based information from digitized histology specimens for use as supplemental screening aids to assist pathologists with cancer detection and prediction of disease progression and therapeutic responses. For more information, please visit or contact

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