Visiopharm Powers Up With VIS 6.0

| March 14, 2016

Visiopharm, the leading provider of quantitative digital pathology software for diagnostics and research, announces the launch of VIS 6.0– a powerful new version of their software. VIS 6.0 includes many new features plus Engine™ a new technology, which can leverage endless computational power.

visiopharm31416Engine™ demonstrates processing speeds well above the current speed limits of quantitative digital pathology; greatly improving productivity in diagnostics and research laboratories. Reproducible and accurate quantitative data is now delivered at a much higher speed per single computer. In complex heterogeneous tumors, the speed has proven to be 6 times faster to classify cells within the tumor areas only, than the previous software version. Additional processing power can be added with Engine™ through regular computers, servers, or super computers, to create a cost-efficient network. Engine™ runs in the background, provides queuing of slides, and delivers scalable cost-efficient processing across a network and in parallel.

Manual cell classification and scoring, reproducible identification of preinvasive vs. invasive, are just some examples of time-consuming and often challenging tasks, which can be costly. Visiopharm’s Oncotopix™ provides automatic methods for tumor and stroma separation, exclusion of DCIS, the identification and classification of cells, and Hot Spot analysis. The time it takes to do labor intensive quantitative tasks can be reduced, the quality of data greatly improved, and some of the work reassigned to technologists or other laboratory staff.

Speed is Essential

Engine™ was designed for speed, created to scale, and with cost-efficiency in mind.  The speed of sample processing is now so good that it enables routine diagnostic pathology labs to delegate image analysis work to technologists and still meet the increased workload expectations.

As Simple as Possible, But not Simpler

VIS 6.0 also simplifies the way customers work with image analysis with three new user profiles- Operator, Designer, and Reviewer.   An Operator has the easy role of loading one or more APPs from the Visiopharm APP Center or APPs created by a Designer. Then simply selecting a batch of images and press go!

A Designer uses Author™, the most comprehensive and powerful image analysis software in the industry, to write unlimited algorithms called APPs. Designers can also edit APPs from the Visiopharm APP center – a growing library of over 100 APPs. Designers never hit a wall with Author™ installed. The freedom and power you need to create APPs collected within one, infinitely configurable software package. APPs written by a Designer can be locked and run by Operators.

A Reviewer simply reviews the quantitative results generated by an Operator within Visiopharm’s universal Viewer and database. The Viewer is very versatile and supports viewing of all major whole slide and Field-Of-View (FOV) image types. The Viewer integrates to native file formats, which ensures fast review with zooming, pan, flip, rotate and adjustment properties.

In addition, customers using VIS 6.0 and who are under a support agreement, will get complimentary access to the APP Center library of approximately 100 research APPs. Designers can then modify and tune these APPs to their individual, specific image analysis needs.

Visit with Visiopharm this week at the USCAP Annual Meeting, booth #1108, for a demonstration of VIS 6.0 or email to learn more.

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