Omnyx, LLC Introduces New Dynamyx™ Software for Exceptional Digital Pathology User Experience

| March 16, 2016

I was able to see a demonstration of this new release at USCAP 2016 the other day and there are many improvements over the prior version.  The application still provides a robust worklist with fast response to cases and metadata associated with the case and the virtual slide tray on another monitor.  New features I saw included synchronized viewing with at least one additional slide (i.e. immunohistochemical stain) and the ability to do same time peer reviews with another user.  In addition, Omnyx and Visiopharm have partnered to provide some image analysis algorithms into the Omnyx platform that are a welcome addition while you are in a single application.

Clearly, Omnyx is focused on software improvements and workflow enhancements, mentioning that they would read other image formats other than those off their scanners.  While hardware is critical to an overall solution, software, workflow, network connectivity, storage, image analysis and reporting while incorporating additional data from the multitude of -omics now are all necessary and this release shows the focus on workflow enhancements within the software.

Provides Intuitive Pathology Workflow, Tools to Boost Efficiency and New Collaboration Capabilities 

Dynamyx SoftwareOmnyx, LLC, a joint venture of GE Healthcare and UPMC, is launching next generation digital pathology software, Dynamyx™, to enhance the way today’s pathologists work and collaborate. Omnyx’s mission is to provide the best tools and resources for pathologists to diagnose cancer faster and more accurately so that every patient outcome is enhanced. Dynamyx software aids clinicians in performing various tasks and delivers more utility for pathologists to help make confident decisions and adapt to a digital workflow through the use of intuitive design and enhanced tools.

Pathologists diagnose cancer and other diseases. This responsibility comes with downstream implications in treatments and care plans. Therefore, getting the diagnosis right matters a great deal to clinicians and patients. The use of digital platforms for aiding in diagnosis permits clinicians to view images and collaborate in real-time, ultimately enhancing care.

“As cancer care increases in volume and complexity, the essential need for technology and innovation mounts. We at Omnyx understand the burden on clinicians and the stakes for patients. Dynamyx represents our direct response to this growing need for healthcare providers,” said Mamar Gelaye, Omnyx CEO. “Dynamyx connects pathologists and other care providers, allowing them to efficiently and securely share their expertise and collaborate. Omnyx is proud to offer more value to the market. We thank the numerous pathologists across the industry and our partners at UPMC for their insights and innovation in informing our efforts on Dynamyx.”

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