Use of Aperio Image Analysis in Peer Reviewed Breast Cancer Research

| April 14, 2016

Leica Biosystems was kind enough to share with me a recent white paper on “Use of Aperio Image Analysis in Peer Reviewed Breast Cancer Research

This is a lengthy review of 30 articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, which use Aperio Image Analysis for research into aspects of breast cancer, including disease development, prognostic markers, and clinical applications. If you are interested in using image analysis for your own research and have peer-reviewed data showing the value of image analysis

With the continued interest and development of newer biomarkers and companion diagnostics with immunotherapies directed towards improving quantity and quality of life there is little doubt that pathology will continue to be paramount to appropriate use and interpretation for clinical therapies. As with lessons learned from ER, PR and HER2 in breast cancer over the past several decades, the use of image analysis clinical algorithms will further drive the need for these technologies “to obtain more accurate, reproducible and quantitative results” to reference the white paper for many biomarkers for targeted therapies in the future.

Digital image analysis tools are increasingly being recognized for their utility in both research and clinical fields. The ability to quantify biomarker expression and produce detailed, reproducible data makes these tools invaluable to cancer researchers.

This review outlines the broad usage of Aperio Image Analysis tools across the field of breast cancer research. The algorithms can be flexibly configured for a wide variety of highly specific use cases including novel biomarkers, animal and human models, tissue microarray and whole tissue research, while clinical studies and appropriate regulatory approvals are helping to bring image analysis tools into the clinical environment. Aperio tools are the most widely referenced in peer reviewed publications worldwide, with over 290 publications referencing Aperio image analysis algorithms, demonstrating their flexibility and reliability for quantitative and semi-quantitative research image analysis.

Download Use of Aperio Image Analysis in Peer Reviewed Breast Cancer Research

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