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| May 5, 2016

catchinglightningI recently connected with Tim Bouvine on Facebook given our mutual interests in baseball, and in particular, the Chicago Cubs.  Tim Bouvine began sports-blogging in 2010 and loved his new pursuit of writing so much that he decided to broaden his goals to include a novel shortly thereafter. His first book is a continuation of a lifelong love of baseball paired with the knowledge obtained from his own recovery from alcohol abuse. This is his first book.

His book entitled “Catching Lightning Without the Bottle” about a star catcher in his prime with an alcohol addiction. Now he finds himself in the unenviable position of third stringer with the Chicago Cubs team as it enjoys a 10-game lead heading into the home stretch of the season. Drunk and late once too many times, Benson is kicked off the team in Hotlanta, Georgia and sent packing to rehab…or so he thinks. The team plane crashes outside St. Louis and everyone perishes. Benson is the only remaining team member on the roster. He is given a chance to rebuild the team as player/manager and reconstruct an alcohol-free life. Benson struggles with the temptation of the bottle and the management of an unruly bunch of rejects, has-beens like himself, and some awesome rookie talent as he tries to win the division against the streaking, hot, and well-managed St. Louis Cardinals. It’s a race to the end of the season where awesome self-discoveries await.

Catching lightning in a bottle is a term that has been common in baseball since Leo Durocher coined the phrase in 1941, referring to a difficult feat. The concept broadened through the baseball years to mean a nearly impossible accomplishment. In the context of this book, Blake Benson does indeed capture lightning without the help of a certain kind of a bottle. Read on and see what it all means.

For baseball fans in general, and Chicago Cubs fans in particular, this novel with an addiction twist is an interesting read about managing negatives in life in the context of our national pastime and overcoming adversity, whatever our faults and demons that one may struggle with.

Here is a sampling of the reviews on Amazon where 82% have given the novel a 5 star-rating, 14% have given it a 4 star-rating and 4% a 3 star-rating:
…This author has a detailed understanding of baseball, but also opens up the deeper personal struggles an addict faces in overcoming not only the addiction, but the inner turmoil of the accompanying self-loathing, denial, triggers and worthlessness.
…Tim Bouvine knows his baseball and it shows throughout his wonderfully written book. Tim has cleverly woven an ever present reality of alcohol abuse and how it can be overcome without departing from the great Chicago Cub triumph in the world of baseball. Well done and a must read for so many reasons.
…I highly recommend this book for sports fans and their loved ones and addicts and their loved ones. I want my wife to read this to better understand me… and maybe herself too. I’ve given a number of books five star ratings that half as insightful as this one. This one deserves at least one more star.
…Whether you are a baseball fan or not, this is a great read that will appeal to everyone of all walks of life. We all have our faults and demons that torment us, but this book is an inspiration to face those negatives in everyday life…..You will not be disappointed in this book. Many books start slowly, but Catching Lightning Without the Bottle jumps right into the nitty gritty of the story.
…Bouvine writes with a sportscaster’s flair, describing the game action with colorful turns of phrase.
…Two of my favorite topics baseball and recovery principles. For what its worth–I have a background as an addictions counselor and am a published writer in sports psychology. Tim writes from experience, research, years of observation and the heart. This book is so SOUND!!!
…The most exciting book I have read in a long time…I was unable to put the book down even though my eyes became dreary.
…This book has it all–One of them being great insights to behind the scenes major league baseball. I have been a sports fan all my life, however the way the games decisions are described by the author are so interesting you feel like you’re in the dugout with the manager…There are also numerous twists and turns so much so that you don’t want to put the book down.
See for yourself while visiting Amazon and Barnes& to check out a great baseball read with an alcohol awareness insight that will keep the pages turning.

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