New Tutorial Series for 3D Histology Software Voloom 

| May 17, 2016

PI_voloomTogether with the new version of its 3D histology software Voloom microDimensions is launching a complete updated online tutorial series. The tutorials are aimed at pathologists, researchers and scientist interested in 3D reconstruction and analysis of digital whole slide images with Voloom and do not require any previous knowledge. The different chapters cover the reconstruction process, usage, segmentation & analysis, color deconvolution, and export of data in short units of two to seven minutes.

The latest version (2.6) of Voloom includes improvements concerning the interoperability with third party products such as extended support of CZI (Zeiss) image pyramids, exporting SVS/AFI files (Leica/Aperio) or loading of IMS file series (Bitplane) as 3D volumes. Voloom 2.6 also supports network licences for easy operation of the software on multiple workstations.

“Even if the latest updates in Voloom affect the software more on a technical level, it will improve the overall user experience by ensuring a smooth operation within the customer’s infrastructure.” says Dr. Hauke Heibel, CTO of microDimensions.

Both the tutorial series as well as a free trial version of Voloom are available on

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● European Congress on Digital Pathology, 25-28 May 2016, Berlin, Germany

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● Digital Pathology Congress Europe, 1-2 December 2016, London, UK

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About microDimensions: 

microDimensions develops and distributes software for microscopic image processing and analysis. Their solutions and services can be tailored to individual requirements and seamlessly integrated into digital pathology workflows. microDimensions’ cutting-edge products Voloom®, Slidematch™, Outspace™, and Zoom are the world’s fastest tools for convenient and accurate 3D histology reconstruction, whole slide image alignment, stereology, and digital pathology viewing. They enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to accelerate early drug testing and allow research organizations to gain new insights into cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic infections, and other diseases. 





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