TRIBVN Healthcare Announces the Launch of the New Version of CaloPix

| July 18, 2016

TRIBVNTRIBVN Healthcare, publisher of software solutions for diagnostic cellular and tissue imaging in the laboratory, announces the launch of the latest version of its CaloPix 3.1.2 software, dedicated to the management and analysis of images for diagnostic purposes.

CaloPix 3.1.2 is available from today, in a version designed for everyday use, including in vitro diagnostic operations: faster, more ergonomic, and validated for clinical use, CaloPix is now, more than ever, an essential tool for pathologists in the field of digital microscopy.

This software, which carries the CE mark and is registered with Health Canada, has been validated at Gustave Roussy for the establishment of on-screen diagnostics in routine pathology. This permits the extension of this product’s qualification for diagnostic applications, and provides its users with a reliable and secure solution for their patients. This validation phase marks a major step in the transition of laboratories to the digital pathology of the future.

For intensive everyday use, CaloPix version 3.1.2 incorporates significant improvements, including the following: redesign of the display in the interests of greater fluency, improvement of the browser function within task lists and in image folders in the interests of greater productivity, and the development of the “slide platform” mode for rapid and intelligent pre-loading, in order to permit the instantaneous viewing of the information required. Networking on data bases containing hundreds and thousands of images and the examination of dozens of slides can now be executed with the greatest of ease.

CaloPix 3.1.2 has been entirely designed and developed in 64 bit mode, in order to permit the parallel execution of tasks and the effective allocation of workstation memory. The running time of processes, and specifically of image analyses, has been halved: quantification, segmentation and the description of tissues and cells on ROAs or whole slides have been significantly accelerated. Automatic learning tools are now increasingly effective, and are progressively becoming indispensable on an everyday basis. The Immuno suite, which is dedicated to the quantification of biomarkers, has been entirely redesigned on the basis of these new concepts.

Finally, numerous functionalities have been expanded and added: error notification and management functions, management of new formats, adaptation of display conditions to the various formats, display of images with their associated keys, management of Snomed CT and TNM codification systems, improvement of the e-CaloPix full web viewer, etc.

Already pre-ordered on a number of sites, CaloPix 3.1.2 delivers a guarantee of innovation and success in your laboratory.

About TRIBVN Healthcare: For over 20 years, TRIBVN Healthcare has delivered its expertise to the market for diagnostic imaging in biopathology, specifically in the fields of oncology and neurological pathologies. TRIBVN Healthcare designs and supplies solutions for the acquisition, management, processing and sharing of diagnostic cellular and tissue images. TRIBVN Healthcare supplies equipment to hospitals and private health care establishments, together with university and private sector research centres.

Through its comprehensive range of products and services, from integration through to training, the company supports practitioners and researchers in their diagnostic decision-making and scientific evaluation functions, in the service of patients. Confident of its acknowledged expertise and its major capacity for innovation, TRIBVN Healthcare is a leading operator in Europe, and provides its clients with solutions which incorporate the very latest technologies.

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