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| August 2, 2016

Pathology informatics essentials for residents: A flexible informatics curriculum linked to accreditation council for graduate medical education milestones Walter H Henricks, Donald S Karcher, James H Harrison, John H Sinard, Michael W Riben, Philip J Boyer, Sue Plath, Arlene Thompson, Liron Pantanowitz J Pathol Inform 2016, 7:27 (6 July 2016) [ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]

Clinically-inspired automatic classification of ovarian carcinoma subtypes Aicha BenTaieb, Masoud S Nosrati, Hector Li-Chang, David Huntsman, Ghassan Hamarneh J Pathol Inform 2016, 7:28 (26 July 2016) [ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]

Deep learning for digital pathology image analysis: A comprehensive tutorial with selected use cases Andrew Janowczyk, Anant Madabhushi J Pathol Inform 2016, 7:29 (26 July 2016) [ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]

Comparing whole slide digital images versus traditional glass slides in the detection of common microscopic features seen in dermatitis Nikki S Vyas, Michael Markow, Carlos Prieto-Granada, Sudeep Gaudi, Leslie Turner, Paul Rodriguez-Waitkus, Jane L Messina, Drazen M Jukic J Pathol Inform 2016, 7:30 (26 July 2016) [ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]

NDER: A novel web application using annotated whole slide images for rapid improvements in human pattern recognition Nicholas P Reder, Daniel Glasser, Suzanne M Dintzis, Mara H Rendi, Rochelle L Garcia, Jonathan C Henriksen, Mark R Kilgore J Pathol Inform 2016, 7:31 (26 July 2016) [ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]

Improving the creation and reporting of structured findings during digital pathology review Ida Cervin, Jesper Molin, Claes Lundstrom J Pathol Inform 2016, 7:32 (26 July 2016) [ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]

Pathology Informatics Summit 2016 Jeremy Molligan, Robert Stapp, Miraj Patel, Jack London, Chirayu Goswami, James Evans, Stephen Peiper J Pathol Inform 2016, 7:33 (28 July 2016) [ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]

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