Visiopharm Pushes the Technical Boundaries of WSI Viewers

| September 28, 2016


Ultra-fast slide navigation for any magnification on ultra HD monitors at a fair price.

Visiopharm is proud to announce the release of our new Viewer — the fastest, most compatible whole slide image viewer on the market for digital pathology, which is also a key component of Visiopharm’s end-to-end digital pathology solution.

This solution is designed to give pathologists an efficient, ergonomic work environment, which is supported by the Visiopharm Viewer. The Viewer allowing windows to be distributed across multiple screens for better workflow and case review, and eliminates the stress factor of slow and tiled screen updates.

The new Viewer was developed based on feedback from technologists, pathologists, and research scientists. This, combined with technical breakthroughs in viewing technology, re-defines what is possible in digital pathology. The Viewer supports over 30 whole slide and static image formats, including the newest addition of the QPTIFF from the Perkin Elmer Vectra system. Also, the Viewer is validated for in vitro diagnostic use (CE IVD) in Europe in combination with the CE IVD APPs from Visiopharm. The Viewer comes with full support for brightfield, fluorescence and multispectral images and provides a full range of options for enhancements and adjustments. With the Visiopharm Viewer users have the all the tools necessary for on-screen rapid review and diagnosis immediately available.  The Viewer is enabled for Visiopharm’s powerful image analysis, allowing users access to a range of unique tools in quantitative digital pathology including automated tumor/stroma separation, discrimination between invasive and pre-invasive lesions, hot-spot detection, quantification of sub-cellular biomarkers, and other relevant tissue properties in the image.



Case Pane Tool for Efficient and Ergonomic Workflows

The Case Pane tool, which is part of the Viewer, makes it easy to get an overview of all slides belonging to a case. It is easy to resize, which makes it possible to see distinguishing features in individual slides even in the overview. The Case Pane tool can be docked on any other device, such as a separate touch screen like the Wacom tablet (link to the tablet?). This makes it a unique tool for case overview, slide selection, and even slide navigation; supporting an ergonomic and efficient workflow.


A Breakthrough in Viewer Technology

Visiopharm’s new Viewer makes it possible to take full advantage of faster and better slide scanners and the highest resolution monitors. This breakthrough provides the fastest and most smooth navigation experience, regardless of scanning magnification and resolution of the monitor. Plus, it is the only diagnostic viewer that can be used for true whole slide image analysis, including tumor cell detection, hot-spot detection, biomarker quantification, virtual multiplexing and much more.

For Research and Diagnostics In addition to use in research, the viewer is validated for diagnostic use (CE-IVD) in Europe together with the CE-IVD APP’s from Visiopharm, making Viewer a strong and reliable diagnostic tool.


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