Telepathology at University College London Hospitals

| October 7, 2016

sebastian-brandnerThe Pathologist has a recent article discussing the use of telepathology for remote neuropathology cases provided from a central site with 2 other hospitals.  The article is written by Dr. Sebastian Brandner who is a Professor of Neuropathology at the University College London Institute of Neurology and Head of the Division of Neuropathology and honorary consultant neuropathologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

He discusses their current set up, how they got here, what works and what doesn’t (the good and the bad) and concludes with some thoughts on expanding adoption and what that looks like for pathology in terms of what would need to be done and field tested.

I encourage you to read his thoughts and comment at The Pathologist.

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