Next Year is This Year

| November 2, 2016

where-will-you-be-chicago-cubsLast November I wrote a post almost a year to the day entitled “The Chicago Cubs and Digital Pathology” and mentioned that 2016 would be different. For both the Chicago Cubs and digital pathology.

But who knew it would come to this? In about 12 hours from the time of this post the Cubs will be playing in a Game 7 in the World Series! Any Cubs fan will tell you we often lament at the end of September “there is always next year”. By the following April hope springs eternal again, often in a cold and windy Wrigley Field thinking that the following year will be “the year”. Next year is now.  And while it may seem inconsequential for anyone who does not follow baseball or the Chicago Cubs, we have a chance to witness something tonight that our grandfathers and fathers never did. All the curses, the over zealous fan, the ’69 Mets, the ’84 Padres and the ’15 Mets may be tucked away a little farther in our memories with fewer references on the sports pages of tomorrow.

Did I really know last November the Cubs would win over 100 games, win the National League pennant and force a Game 7 after being down 3 games to 1 in the World Series?  Of course not.  But we came close last year and we have a good young team that has no memory of goats or cats or fans or players with the first name of Steve.  They never saw Wrigley Field without lights or remember that early in that game the opposing team homered and the fans were chanting “turn off the lights” or the rains that came during the Cubs lead that obliterated the game from the record books.

No more next year. This is next year.

Where will you be when the Cubs win the World Series?

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