Cancer Moonshot Initiative Grounded

| November 23, 2016

Previous posts on this matter referenced that even with the funding proposed in the hundreds of millions dollars (estimated $750 million proposal) a lot more would be required. I believe one critic I referenced said that even with that amount of funding, if approved, wouldn’t “get us off the ground” when it came to this initiative. Now that seems to be in doubt. A blue ribbon panel has come up with high level goals to address but I think little else has been done to get this off the ground.  Last ditch efforts to provide some level of funding during this lame-duck session are underway which would precede the new administration but there are no guarantees future funding would continue.  “It comes down to dollars. For much of the research outlined by the moonshot’s blue-ribbon science panel to happen, with the goal of achieving 10 years of progress in five, new funding will be needed.”

STAT (11/22, Scott) reports the future of the cancer moonshot initiative led by Vice President Joe Biden is uncertain. The article explains that Congress may approve funding for the project during the lame-duck session, which would almost guarantee its continuation, but if Congress does not approve such funding, then President Donald Trump may end the project.

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