Visiopharm Acquires LRI Imaging to Become a Leader in Diagnostic Digital Pathology

| November 30, 2016

visiopharmlogoHørsholm, Denmark — Visiopharm A/S today announces it has acquired LRI Imaging AB. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, with about 20 successful installations in routine diagnostic pathology labs, LRI Imaging AB is the leading diagnostic digital pathology provider in Sweden. Today, Visiopharm A/S has implemented diagnostic digital pathology at a national scale in Denmark, and several other systems in Europe.

With a staff of almost 50 digital pathology experts, Visiopharm A/S and LRI Imaging AB are jointly becoming a highly specialized European leader in diagnostic digital pathology solutions.

“We are now seeing diagnostic digital pathology take off; and not just in Scandinavia, but in large parts of Europe. An important experience from the last 10 years is that going digital is a major undertaking for the pathology lab. We are excited about this merger, which allow us to offer our joint experience and expertise in helping diagnostic pathology labs going digital – one cost-efficient and risk-free step at a time. We believe our joint experiences will be valuable to both our customers and to our partners, as we continue to help pathology labs take full advantage of diagnostic digital pathology”, says Michael Grunkin CEO of Visiopharm

lri_1Rickard Lindelöf, CEO of LRI Imaging/Visiopharm AB, adds: “For almost a decade we have provided diagnostic digital pathology solutions to Swedish pathology labs. We have done that by integrating best-of-breed solution components. The technology developed by Visiopharm allow us to finally realize the full potential of diagnostic digital pathology: Integrating image analysis in LIS-driven workflows, that gives pathologists access to validated technology that enables significant improvements in data quality, productivity, and turn-around times while saving costs”.

“We have been running several large clinical studies using this technology, of which some have already been published. That has allowed us to see firsthand to what extent image analysis, if used in the right way, can give significant improvements in diagnostic data quality. This will have a great impact on patient safety. And we are excited to see such technology integrated in an open end-to-end digital pathology solution. We are convinced that digital pathology will lead to improvements in the patient care and help us cope with the growing case load and complexity all diagnostic labs are experiencing. This will benefit both patients individually and society in general”, says Johan Hartmann, Professor at Karolinska University Hospital.

Visiopharm offers a truly open and agnostic end-to-end diagnostic pathology solution with best-of-breed components spanning:

  1. Best in class slide scanning technology
  2. Viewing technology and pathologist cockpit that challenges any other commercially slide viewer on speed, simplicity, and design. Open to all commercially available slide formats, and enabled for advanced image analysis.
  3. Partners for efficient storage solutions that are compliant with all relevant medical IT standards
  4. Patent protected, documented and CE-IVD marked computer aided diagnosis (CAD) software that dramatically increase data quality and productivity in a pathology lab. All APPs are validated for all major reagent providers
  5. Fully integrated with local LIS systems, providing LIS-driven workflow solutions
  6. A team of experts with deep practical experience in deploying, integrating and supporting end-to-end digital pathology solutions in the daily routine of a pathology lab
  7. Change management services and teams allowing our clients to reap the full benefit of their investment.


About Visiopharm

Visiopharm is a leading provider of quantitative image analysis software and end-to-end Digital Pathology solutions for Hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions around the world. Recently, Visiopharm has expanded to include ONCOTOPIX® Diagnostics a robust solution for cancer diagnostics with CE-IVD algorithms for the breast panel, integrated LIS driven workflow, and VirtualDoubleStaining™. Visiopharm’s software is featured in over 900 scientific publications, and is compatible with leading slide scanner manufacturers, data management software, and staining providers.

Visiopharm, a privately owned company, is an international business with over 600 licenses placed, with countless users, in more than 30 countries. A growing network of authorized distributors and integration partners support the growth of Visiopharm solutions on several continents including North America, Europe and Asia.

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