Understanding Reimbursement Changes in the U.S. and What They Mean to Your Anatomic Pathology (AP) Laboratory

| January 24, 2017

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Understanding Reimbursement Changes in the U.S. and What They Mean to Your Anatomic Pathology (AP) Laboratory

The United States health care system is in the fourth year of reimbursement changes. We will explore the effects of these changes on the AP market and in your laboratory. At the end of this presentation, you will have a better understanding of why these changes have occurred. In addition, we will look at solutions to help you through these market changes.

We will cover the following webinar learning objectives:

  • Understand how US AP laboratories are paid.
  • Review how reimbursement has changed over the past four years.
  • What to expect in 2017.
  • Discuss solutions to help your lab meet these challenges.

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Speaker_Loretta_Sayles_90x115Loretta Sayles has spent the past 30 plus years working in the anatomic pathology laboratory arena in several different aspects of the business. She currently is the Managing Director of Sayles Lab Consulting which focuses on helping labs improve their quality, while understanding the challenging healthcare market. Loretta is very active in Histotechnology on both the national and state level, and has been recognized for her dedication to the field.

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