Trevor Heritage Joins Inspirata as Senior Vice President of Cancer Informatics

| February 21, 2017

Dr. Heritage is widely recognized for his work in the development of informatics systems for drug and performance chemical discovery, translational and personalized medicine, and pharmaceutical product development.

heritageSan Francisco, CA, February 21, 2017  – Cancer diagnostics workflow solution provider Inspirata, Inc., is pleased to announce that Dr. Trevor Heritage has joined its executive team to lead the development and commercialization of its Cancer Information Data Trust (CIDT), a revolutionary system designed to provide insights to help improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The CIDT addresses the need for curated and structured data among a wide range of users, including educators, physicians, patients, administrators, and academic and pharmaceutical researchers.

Most recently Dr. Heritage has been focused on the application of genomics and next-generation sequencing in the clinical environment, building and commercializing products including Appistry’s CloudDx and GenomePilot with the specific goal of making genomics more approachable and actionable by clinicians and patients.

In 2005, Dr. Heritage was awarded the St. Louis Business Journal “40 Under 40” Business Award. He is a leading author on more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and he has a U.S. patent. He has previously served as a reviewer for a number of peer-reviewed journals, and serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for IBC Life Sciences and the University of the Indiana School of Informatics. He holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry and graduated with Honors in Chemistry and Computer Science from the University of Reading, England.

“In his new role at Inspirata, Dr. Heritage will be focused on the development, delivery and commercial success of our innovative big data products for cancer,” says Inspirata CEO Satish Sanan. “This includes translational science, therapeutic discovery and clinical programs that offer the potential to improve the way in which cancer is diagnosed and treated.”

“Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to engage with the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemicals research organizations, as well as leading academic medical centers and healthcare organizations all over the world,” says Dr. Heritage. “My new role at Inspirata affords me the opportunity to bring this experience to bear on delivering the best possible diagnostic decision support, treatment options, prognostic information and population health metrics to varied users of the CIDT.”

About Inspirata, Inc.

Inspirata®, Inc. offers the most comprehensive cancer diagnostics workflow solution available for precision diagnosis today. The solution, which employs a unique “solution-as-a-service” business and delivery model, accelerates anatomic and molecular pathology workflows and facilitates whole slide imaging and image analytics, prognostic and predictive assays, remote consultations and tumor boards. This comprehensive solution includes an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to help to solve interoperability issues and a Natural Language Processing Engine (NLP) for structuring data. This big data initiative will provide a wide range of users, including educators, physicians, patients, administrators, researchers and pharma, with curated and structured data related to diagnostic decision support, treatment options, prognostic information and population health metrics to help improve outcomes for cancer patients. For more information, please visit or contact

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