Explore the Use of Advanced VirtualMultiplexing™ in Our Upcoming Live Webinar!

| August 27, 2017

VPlogo2017This September we are offering the choice of two dates to attend our sought-after webinar, learn more and register for your preferred slot below!

Advanced VirtualMultiplexing™                                                                                                    

Presenter: Dr. Regan Baird

Session 1: 14th September 2017

16:30 CET | 10:30 AM EDT | 7:30 AM PDT

Session 2: 26 September 2017

20:00 CET | 2:00 PM EDT | 11:00 AM PDT



There are more multiplexing methodologies available now than ever before, each with their own advantages, limitations and analytical challenges. During this 60-minute webinar, guest speaker Dr. Regan Baird will elaborate on the use of advanced VirtualMultiplexing™ for whole slide imaging and how it can contribute to the other methodologies.

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Today, multiplex assay development is reaching ever higher levels of complexity as the pantheon of chromogenic IHC and immunofluorescent reagents become available for histopathology. Digital tools like Visiopharm’s novel, patent protected VirtualDoubleStaining™ utilizing Tissuealign™, obviates the limitation of physical double staining by visually merging ideally prepared tumor and analytical markers from sequential serial sections. Tissuealign™ is now being applied to examine a multiplex of biomarkers in relation to tissue compartments allowing each serial section to be prepared under ideal conditions without compromise.

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