Take Your Laboratory to the Next Level with the Easy-To-Use Digital Pathology System from Motic

| September 6, 2017

At this year’s ASCP 2017 Annual Meeting, Motic is proud to present a new generation of innovative slide scanning systems. Introducing the MoticEasyScan® Pro.

The MoticEasyScan Pro is a compact, user-friendly, scanning system that provides superb digital slide images with an efficient workflow and robust capabilities. It has enjoyed a remarkably rapid adoption rate throughout Asia and the United States during its launch period, giving pathologists all of the following benefits and more:

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Quality Imaging: Every MoticEasyScan’s scanned image is crisp and clear. Even the smallest cells are imaged by the ultra-high resolution CCD camera along with our specially designed high NA Plano Apochromatic objective.

Real-Time Autofocusing: Using the most advanced technology available, the MoticEasyScan Pro creates Whole Slide Images easier and better than ever. The scanner is equipped with high-precision, real-time autofocusing, making every image fast and vibrant.

Highly Capable: Cytology and difficult slides are a breeze for the MoticEasyScan with advanced modes such as extended depth of field (EDF), 3D imaging (Z-Stack), and High Definition.

Open Format: The MoticEasyScan produces multiple file formats including MDS, TIFF, and SVS providing full, open, support for image analysis and 3rd party viewing.

Connectivity: Connect to your digital slide library with ease using Motic’s Digital Slide Server (DSS), and Digital Slide Assistant (DSA). Remote, real-time viewing, and collaboration in one easy-to-use platform.

The future of digital slide scanning with superior quality and analysis is available now. The MoticEasyScan is one of the latest innovations in Motic’s 30 year history of manufacturing quality imaging solutions internationally.

Will you be at the ASCP 2017 Annual Meeting?

Come visit Motic at Booth #806 and enjoy a free demo of MoticEasyScan in stunning 4K resolution.

Visit their website or contact Motic today for more information.

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