Neagen and Visiopharm Announce New Technical Integration Between Image Analysis and PACS to Meet Demands from Pathologists

| September 10, 2017

Workflow, workflow, workflow has been a laboratory mantra for decades. Lean engineering principles, risk reduction, patient safety and efficiencies in every step. And for almost as long it has been recognized in digital pathology that workflow would need to be improved, particularly in “open” systems where best-of-breed may be implemented rather than “closed” systems. One of the major advantages of digital pathology is efficiency. It has been shown time and again. We can introduce levels of automation with improved consistency and reproducibility, if not increased accuracy, but along the applications to do so require LIS and PACS or PACS-like integration to be successful. Now comes news of this with improved application integration that allows pathologists to take full advantage of workflow gains across systems.

This has not gained widespread attention or vendor support in the US but needs to. There is a high level of siloed systems and applications without widespread cooperation between digital pathology software, hardware and LIS and/or PACS integration in the US. I hope more companies get to the point that Neagen and Visiopharm have and other manufacturers can follow their lead.

Hørsholm – Denmark, September 5th, 2017 – Neagen and Visiopharm today announce an integration which improves the data quality of cancer patient samples in a single PACS-driven digital pathology workflow also offering time and cost savings. This in term enhances quality for pathologists working in cancer research and diagnostics and benefits the patients.

Visiopharm is a worldwide leader of Augmented Pathology™ within tissue research and diagnostics and Neagen offers a true vendor neutral enterprise imaging system based on worldwide DICOM standard.

“We are excited to see an increased demand for both workflow automation and improved interpretive accuracy from pathologists in Finland. These are the two areas where Visiopharm makes a real difference. By integrating our Augmented Pathology™ software with neaLink, customers can now integrate precision pathology into PACS-driven workflows, to achieve better data quality, turnaround times, and reduce manual labor”, says Michael Grunkin, CEO Visiopharm.

“Neagen sees digital pathology as indispensable in the modern pathology lab, and seamless integration into other existing diagnostic medical workflows is a pivotal requirement to successful deployment. neaLink VNA is a modern and scalable enterprise imaging solution for all medical disciplines. With this technical integration, our customers across the globe will be able to combine advanced image analysis to digital pathology with radiology in a seamlessly integrated digital workflow, to further enhance neaLink as a platform for integrated diagnostics”, says Lasse Jyrkinen, CEO Neagen.

The Oncotopix® solution is compatible with and validated for all major scanner formats, and has been validated and CE-marked for the three major reagent vendors. Making Oncotopix® available as a simple and seamlessly integrated plug-in to PACS and LIS systems, makes it possible to deploy and scale digital pathology in the lab, one cost-efficient and risk-free step at a time.

About Neagen

Neagen is a true pioneer in the enterprise imaging by supporting fully digital workflow for all the medical specialties. Company is dedicated to support storing and distributing all medical images, videos and reports according to the DICOM standard since 2003.

Neagen has invested a lot in developing a true vendor neutral archive approach (VNA) and are proud that when receiving incoming data, regardless of it’s format Neagen software will automatically convert this to DICOM format. This innovative feature means patient data can not only be stored for longer, it can also be viewed and/or distributed in optical condition during this period – something that most medical devices and IT systems cannot guarantee. Neagen’s digital pathology solution is a continuation of our vision, thus there is no compromises on workflow efficiency or conformance with the standards.

Neagen is a privately-owned company and has its headquarter in Helsinki, Finland and R&D facility in Oulu, Finland.

About Visiopharm

Visiopharm is a vendor-neutral provider of Augmented Pathology comprising high throughput and precision pathology for digital and automated test applications. Through its many partnerships and expertise in intelligent image analysis Visiopharm solutions span across the entire digital pathology workflow modernising and improving anatomic pathology laboratory routines worldwide. In EU Visiopharm offers several IVD algorithms as an aid to the pathologists doing breast cancer diagnostics. Recently Visiopharm launched a new Viewer completely innovating smooth and seamless navigation for routine analysis.

Visiopharm’s software is featured in over 1200 scientific publications, and has over 800 licenses placed, with countless users, in more than 30 countries. Headquartered in the Medicon Valley of Denmark, with a branch office in Sweden, the Netherlands, and North America in Broomfield, Colorado.

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