Inspirata to Present and Exhibit at the Fall Symposium of Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers (CI4CC)

| October 24, 2017


Inspirata’s SVP of Cancer Informatics, Trevor Heritage, PhD, will present an overview of the company’s big data cancer initiative that has its origin in pathology and diagnostic images.

La Jolla, CA, October 23, 2017/Globe Newswire – Cancer informatics and digital pathology workflow solution provider Inspirata®, Inc. announced today that it will be exhibiting at the CI4CC Fall Symposium in La Jolla, CA Oct. 23-25. Inspirata’s Senior Vice President of Cancer Informatics, Dr. Trevor Heritage, will introduce Inspirata’s big data product vision during a presentation beginning at 11:30 on Monday, Oct. 23.

Dr. Heritage is responsible for leading the business strategy for Inspirata’s Cancer Information Data Trust (CIDT), which is a multi-institution, diagnostic image-anchored big data initiative. “The intent of the CIDT,” explains Dr. Heritage, “is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer by providing stakeholders, such as clinicians, administrators, researchers, bio pharma scientists, patients and caregivers, with unique insights derived from longitudinal patient data ingested from multiple sources. We use our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, called CIDT.Structure, to structure data and ensure it is fully searchable and mineable. The result is a repository that can be used to inform cancer treatment options, provide prognostic information, generate patient cohorts, assist with cancer reporting, quantify costs and quality of care, and identify population health trends.”

Inspirata’s end-to-end digital pathology workflow solution is a fully managed service that enables academic medical centers and cancer centers to assemble repositories of diagnostic images and clinical data to fuel their clinical, research and educational missions. A digital pathology cockpit, provided to each of the partner institutions’ pathologists as part of the workflow solution, accesses data from disparate health information systems, giving the pathologist a comprehensive view of a patient’s clinical history and current case details, including the whole slide images of tissue samples from the biopsied tumor. Having this information at their fingertips, pathologists can more rapidly arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

“The institutions we partner with gain a two-fold advantage,” says Inspirata CEO Satish Sanan. “First, they can move to a digital pathology workflow without the upfront investment needed for the technology or the resources to operationalize it. We make that initial investment for them. And, second, our partner institutions will have their own versions of the CIDT, giving them much easier access to cancer data that was previously dispersed in siloed systems or unavailable except through manual abstraction.”

About CI4CC

Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers (CI4CC) is the nation’s premier professional society where academic and community medical centers, corporate professionals and many other subject matter experts in Biomedical Informatics, Clinical Trials, Precision Medicine, Healthcare-IT, Information Technology and Pharmaceutical industries come together to share their efforts. CI4CC is a nonprofit organization that provides a focused forum for clinical and academic research informatics scientists. The organization is led by executives from the Academic and Clinical Cancer Center community who volunteer their time.

About Inspirata, Inc.

Inspirata®, Inc. offers the most comprehensive cancer diagnostics workflow solution available for precision diagnosis today. The solution, which employs a unique “solution-as-a-service” business and delivery model, accelerates anatomic and molecular pathology workflows and facilitates whole slide imaging and image analytics, prognostic and predictive assays, remote consultations and tumor boards. This comprehensive solution includes an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to help to solve interoperability issues and a Natural Language Processing Engine (NLP) for structuring data. Inspirata amalgamates this structured data into a central multi-institutional and multi-modal big data cancer repository for clinical, research and educational purposes. Its use will extend to physicians, patients, researchers and pharma among others. This comprehensive solution facilitates a modern precision diagnosis to build a strong foundation for precision medicine. For more information, please visit or contact

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