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Digitization and machine intelligence transform society by enhancing our capability to create and digest information. Healthcare, in general, and histopathology, in particular, follow this trend and evolve toward informatics-driven disciplines. The profiling of cancer patients by computer-assisted interpretation of tissue sections and other omics data will have an early and huge impact on treatment decisions and will act as the leading discipline within Medicine 4.0. Tissue phenomics provides a comprehensive methodology aiming at the discovery of the most optimal tissue-based decision support algorithm by close integration of assay development, image analysis and bioinformatics, and iterative optimization loops.

Following a brief introduction to tissue phenomics in its historical, scientific, and biomedical context, the book describes various approaches on how to convert the wealth of tissue slide pixel data into mineable information using knowledge-based and data-driven image analysis methods. Subsequently, it reveals that image mining and bioinformatics play a crucial role in integrating other data sources such as genomics, proteomics, radiomics, and patient-related information and generating prognostic and predictive models for disease progression. Based on the discussed technologies, it presents examples of multiple tissue phenomics applications in academic and commercial settings and their tremendous impact on advances in biomedical sciences. Building on the successes in research, it presents applications in clinical environments, providing a flavor to the future vision, where tissue datafication and subsequent patient profiling is part of every routine examination, with the goal to best match patients with the most successful therapy as predicted by tissue phenes.

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